EastEnders reveals the truth about Jay’s dad – but a BIG question remains unanswered

Has the BBC1 soap left one loose end dangling?

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EastEnders has cleared up one of 2017’s most confusing cliffhangers by revealing that Jase Dyer is Jay’s father after all. But there’s still a big question that needs answering about this Walford paternity riddle…


Last August, fans of the BBC1 soap saw Phil reveal to Jay that his father was actually the homeless man killed in the Arches fire back in 1994. But, following his big confession, Phil was witnessed on the phone telling a mysterious contact that Jay had bought his pack of lies.

Now, we’ve seen it revealed that Phil was on his mobile to none other than Max Branning, the Machiavellian schemer who has spent the last 12 months plotting everyone’s downfall.

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As it turns out, Max was blackmailing Phil into spinning this yarn to Jay – something he’s now admitted to in the New Year’s Day episode. A contrite Mr Branning then offered Jay the car lot land back as a way of saying sorry.

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What we still don’t know, though, is who was pulling the strings of Jay’s granddad Bert Atkinson, who returned briefly to the Square in August to confirm Phil’s story.

As viewers will no doubt recall, Bert was sen sharing a knowing nod with Phil after telling Jay that Jase wasn’t his dad. The pensioner was obviously in on the scheme – but on whose orders was he acting? Had Phil told Bert to back up his claims or was he also being manipulated by Max?

Something tells us we may never get to the bottom of this one…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on EastEnders below


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