Emmerdale: Aaron’s big secret threatens his romance with Alex, reveals Danny Miller

"It's a difficult thing to talk about. He's ashamed of it"


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Emmerdale - Ep 8021

Thursday 21st December 2017 - 2nd Ep

Alex Mason [STEVEN FLYNN] moves in to kiss Aaron Dingle [DANNY MILLER] but he's quick to back away and Aaron kicks himself as Alex leaves.

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Emmerdale will revisit Aaron’s self-harm story in the run-up to Christmas when evidence of his scars threaten to come between him and current love interest Dr Alex Mason.


Upcoming scenes will see Aaron left uncomfortable when Alex returns home with him. Knowing that the medic will know what the marks on his body mean, Aaron backs away from a kiss – all of which leads to Alex leaving.

“Aaron knows that he’d have to explain his self-harming past,” explains Danny Miller, who plays Aaron. “It’s a difficult thing to talk about. He’s ashamed of it, but he’s also justified it in his mind. It was a dark time in his life, but he feels that he’s more mature now.”

So why doesn’t he put Alex in the picture? “He just thinks that Alex will freak and won’t want to see him any more. Aaron doesn’t want to be left alone again.”


Despite this latest obstacle standing in the way of Aaron’s happiness, Miller is hopeful that his character can make a go of things with the handsome doctor, though he’s conflicted about those past affiliations with Robert.

Adds the actor: “For the sake of Aaron’s mental health, I’d like to see him be with somebody who won’t try to change him or complicate his life. But I’m also a big fan of Robert and Aaron, so I’m torn between the two.”

And what are his hopes for Aaron in 2018? “I’d like to see him be a bit more content with his life. And be more of a father figure to Liv – it’d be nice to see him taking care of her rather than the other way around.”

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