EastEnders betrayal: Willmott-Brown leaves Max with NOTHING – here’s what happens next

Max was stopped from self harming after his world came crashing down

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Max Branning has been left humiliated, ostracised and beaten up on tonight’s EastEnders after the tables were turned on him by the unscrupulous James Willmott-Brown.


Under the impression that he was part of the Weyland team who’d bought up half the Square, Max took the opportunity to propose to Fi in full view of the Queen Vic regulars.

The trouble was that Willmott-Brown chose this moment to cut Max down to size by admitting that he’d been stitched up and that the relationship with Fi had been purely business.

As reality set in for Max, Willmott-Brown and Luke tore up his contract and threw his pay cheque on the fire – all of which left the betrayed Mr Branning without a single penny.

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Sensing danger, Jack removed Max from the pub, but the pair of them were stopped by Kush, who punched Max to the ground for ill-using and duping his mum Carmel.

Back at Jack’s house, Max then broke down and looked set to self harm by burning his arm with a lit cigar, only to be stopped at the last second by his brother.

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Tensions look set to remain high for the Branning family later his week as Jack encourages Max to build bridges with his family, but will Lauren and Abi be able to put the past behind them when they confront their dad about his actions?

Speaking recently to Radio Times, EastEnders’s executive consultant John Yorke revealed that there are seismic changes to come this festive season as the Brannings and Willmott-Brown clan stay centre stage:

“The Branning family and their wider clan will be at the heart of the drama, as all of those involved in the plot to buy up and build over Albert Square get their spectacular comeuppance.

“The story kicks off at the end of November and rapidly builds to a Christmas climax – with the events on Christmas Day laying down the shape of Albert Square for years to come.”

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