Emmerdale: how long will Gerry keep Lachlan’s sick secret?

Lucky's in the loft - and bullying his mate not to blow it


Emmerdale’s Lachlan White has convinced pal Gerry Roberts to keep the truth about his warped whereabouts to himself and not to let on to his family he’s actually hiding out in the attic and spying on their every move.


After catching Lucky rifling through paperwork in Home Farm, days after the lad went missing and with the signs pointing to a possible suicide attempt, Gerry’s jaw dropped as his mate ushered him upstairs.

In tonight’s second half of the Emmerdale double bill, Lachlan shrugged off Gerry’s accusations that what he was doing was deeply sick and highly twisted. But even hearing mum Chrissie’s cries of grief, fearing her son was dead in a ditch somewhere and that she’d driven him to it, wasn’t enough to prick Lachlan’s conscience.

Shrugging off the consequences of his little game to make his family think he was a goner, Lachlan told Gerry it was his turn to mess with the Whites after they’d messed with him…

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Explaining his attic-dwelling antics were part of a bigger picture of exposing Robert Sugden’s betrayal of his family as revenge for Rob turning everyone against him, and that he’d overheard the conversation with Rebecca about him signing his shares in the business over to baby son Seb, Lachlan seemed dead set on remaining in hiding until he could find proof to bring his former father-in-law down.

Gerry was bullied into submission to play along and pretend Lachlan was still missing to the rest of the village, but rightly pointed out this was cruel and downright creepy.

How long can Gerry keep shtum? And what has Lachlan got in mind for Robert – and is Auntie Bex potentially in the firing line now Lucky knows she is covering for the father of her newborn boy for some reason?

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