EastEnders: Willmott-Brown orders Max to kill Lauren?

Are Lauren's days on the Square numbered?

EastEnders - October-December 2017 - 5608

Is EastEnders’s Lauren Branning set to be bumped off by her own dad Max when she threatens to expose the Weyland corporation’s sinister plans?


Next week’s episodes of the BBC1 soap see Max left horrified when he learns from boss Willmott-Brown that Lauren is on to their plan.

After being warned that he must stop Lauren from revealing the truth, Max goes in desperate search of his daughter. And when they finally meet, Lauren does indeed threaten to go public with her bombshell news.

EastEnders - October-December 2017 - 5608

Conniving Max does appear to manipulate Lauren into staying quiet, telling her that Weyland’s plan isn’t even confirmed yet.

But, later on, Lauren’s conscience gets the better of her and she tells Max that she’s changed her mind. The trouble is, Willmott-Brown overhears and – as we’ve already seen – he’s a dangerous man to cross.

EastEnders - October-December 2017 - 5605

So will Willmott-Brown give Max the order to be as ruthless as need be where Lauren is concerned? And with actress Jacqueline Jossa set to leave EastEnders, might her character come to an unfortunate end?

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