EastEnders: Shona McGarty on Whitney’s new relationship crisis – “She needs to be alone”

"I'd like to see her have some fun," says the actress


EastEnders actress Shona McGarty has revealed that she wants Whitney to break up with current fiancé Woody.


“I would tell her to slow down,” said the star. “Whitney needs to just be alone and get to know herself better – how can anyone else love her if she doesn’t love herself.”

Next week’s episodes of the BBC1 soap will see Whitney question her relationship following the reappearance of Lee’s old Army pal Moose.

With Woody and Moose at loggerheads, it soon transpires that Whitney has been keeping quiet about the fact that her divorce papers have come through.

By next Friday, Whitney starts to worry that she’s rushing into marrying again too soon, while Stacey is advising Woody to give his bride-to-be more space. All of which hardly bodes well for the pair’s future.


“Whitney has always been the type of person who needs to be appreciated and loved because she doesn’t like being on her own,” McGarty added to Inside Soap. “But I’d like to see her have some fun.”

On the future of her character, she commented: “I’d like to see Whitney get her feistiness back – she needs some backbone in 2018, and to stand up for herself a bit more!”

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