Emmerdale: Moira rejects Cain after he declares his love – what happens next?

Hearts break for Coira as struggling mum Moira shuts her ex out


Emmerdale fans hoping for a reunion between Cain and Moira Dingle are wiping away the tears after tonight’s emotional cliffhanger which saw the new mum reject her old flame, despite his confession he was still in love with her.


After a tense visit from social services following yesterday’s incident where Moira abandoned her newborn son and left him at the hospital, unable to cope the stress of a baby she didn’t even know she was having, meddling mother-in-law Faith paid a visit to her son Cain and urged him to step up as little Isaac’s dad and fight for Moira.


Despite stubborn Moira insisting she doesn’t need any help, Faith spoke for the nation when she told Cain his ex is clearly a woman on the edge and that she and him belong together.

Later, Moira was surprised to see Cain had let himself in while she was having a bath and found him in the kitchen holding their little boy. But even the swoonsome sight of the rugged reformed bad boy with a cute baby in his arms couldn’t melt Moira’s icy exterior and she angrily told him to get out.


Desperate to make amends and be there for his family, Cain finally opened up to Moira how he was sorry for letting her down in the past by not supporting her through Holly’s death and waiting too long to acknowledge Isaac, and that was still in love with her. Mrs Dingle was still having none of it, claiming this was all too little too late. When Cain questioned why – if she didn’t care – she lied to the police and gave him an alibi to eliminate him as a suspect for Emma’s murder (for now), she brushed it under the carpet, claiming she did it for his family.


Then came the moment that was like a knife to the heart of Coira lovers everywhere, as Cain, with an uncharacteristic crack in his voice, confessed: “I will never let you down again… I love you Moira…” to which stern Moira replied: “And I hate you Cain…”

Demanding he leave and stay away from her and Isaac, Cain sloped off before privately bursting into tears outside.


Is this really it for the cursed couple? Why did Moira really lie to the police about his whereabouts on the day Emma died? And with Moira a muddled mix of emotions, could little Isaac be in danger from his unstable mum?

Later this week, Cain’s other ex Harriet Finch plans to leave the village for a new life in Oxford. Having dumped Cain because she knew his heart was with Moira, does tonight’s rejection leave the way clear for Charriet to try again? Or could that spur Moira to see sense and finally take Cain back?

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