Emmerdale: Robert’s scam revealed as Tim fakes his death

Lawrence falls for the sick plot, but is he falling for Robert?


Emmerdale turned the tables in the second of tonight’s double bill when it was revealed Robert Sugden’s ‘murder’ of Tim Richards was faked, and that the Whites’ enemies were colluding in a sick plot as part of Rob’s plan to seize control of the White empire from the inside. But could Mr Sugden’s scheme have unexpected consequences?


Following the jaw-dropping cliffhanger from part one where it appeared Robert had killed Tim after he stumbled into Home Farm covered in blood having gone to sort Lawrence’s nemesis out once and for all – only for the argument to escalate into sudden violence – the stunned Sugden filled his former father-in-law in.


Insisting he tried to warn him to stay away, Rob left out the minor detail that he and Tim have secretly been plotting together the whole time and that he’d paid him to almost run Chrissie over so Robert could rescue her and come off as the hero – sealing an investment deal into Home Farm from his bogus company in the process.

But the showdown appeared to go genuinely wrong and Robert’s recounting that it got out of hand after Tim refused to back down and he ended up knifing him seemed believable, but when he refused to explain how he’d disposed of Tim’s body his story started to look a bit shaky.


The police even got involved, turning up to Home Farm to investigate Tim’s mysterious disappearance after reports of a disturbance at his B&B. The pair played dumb and the cops eventually left without incident, but Mr White was properly riled and feared the authorities would soon make the link to his vendetta with the missing man.

Turning the screws on a worried Lawrence, Robert reminded the panicking patriarch that he only went after Tim to stop him hurting his family, and that he was as accountable for his death as much as he was.


Changing tack and reassuring Larry he’d protect him from any reprisals as long as they agreed to keep the killer secret between them and let Tim disappear without trace (while still not revealing what he did with the body…), there was a bizarrely charged moment between the newly-bonded pair when it looked like they were about to kiss – only for the unexpected sexual tension to be broken by Lydia Hart turning up for her cleaning shift (talk about a passion killer).


Then came the sting in the tale as Robert drove off to a secluded location to meet up with – you guessed it – Tim, very much alive and in on the deal.

Paying Tim his final instalment to disappear for good and stay ‘dead’, cocky Robert was smug his plan to make him indispensable to Lawrence was working – now he thinks his daughter’s ex has killed in his name but has vowed to protect him and that “they’re in this together,” he’s not about to chuck him out of Home Farm – leaving the way clear for Robert to take it for himself.

But how far is Robert prepared to go to reel him in? They almost kissed, and Larry still believes they slept together after Rob drugged him. Could unscrupulous Robert use his charms to get emotionally vulnerable Lawrence exactly where he wants him?

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