Coronation Street: what is Billy’s big secret?

The Weatherfield vicar is hiding something...


Coronation Street’s Billy Mayhew is concealing a dark secret from boyfriend Todd Grimshaw – but what is it?


Tonight’s double bill was certainly eventful for Billy and Todd, as the couple faced the agonising prospect of their adoption of teenager Summer Spellman being jeopardised by the vicious vicar’s violent outburst towards Peter Barlow after it emerged his son Simon gave the girl drugs that saw her rushed to hospital.


Social services agreed to let the matter lie as Peter decided not to press charges, and with the assurance that Billy would keep his temper in check and continue to provide a stable home for the orphaned schoolgirl, the boys breathed a sigh of relief Summer wasn’t going into care.


When later questioned about his uncharacteristic battering of Mr Barlow by a concerned Todd, Billy was full of remorse and as his boyfriend made him vow there would be no more secrets between them in the future, especially with the authorities keeping a more watchful eye on their parenting from this point, Mr Mayhew’s tortured expression left viewers with the distinct impression he wasn’t being completely honest…

Recent rumours that Billy is somehow connected to the death of Susan Barlow back in 2001 have not been confirmed by Corrie, but could this be what the clergyman is keeping close to his chest? Susan – Ken’s daughter, Peter’s twin sister and Adam’s mother – perished in a car crash so other parties could potentially have been involved.


Will we soon discover that this is what Billy is hiding? If he’s committed a crime 16 years ago could it end up threatening plans to adopt Summer? Or is Billy’s big secret something else entirely? We’ve already met his drug addict brother Lee who brought chaos to the cobbles last year, could there be more dodgy relatives about to turn up and reveal something unsavoury from the vicar’s past?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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