Emmerdale: Moira abandons her baby – “She just can’t cope,” says Natalie J Robb

Plus the actress reveals whether Moira and Cain will reunite!


A desperate Moira Dingle will abandon her baby at the local hospital in next week’s episodes of Emmerdale.


“Moira just doesn’t feel like she can cope,” says actress Natalie J Robb. “The enormity of the situation is too much for her too cope with. It’s also very close to the anniversary of Holly’s death, so she’s dealing with a whole mixture of emotions.”

As fans of the ITV soap know, Moira didn’t know that she was pregnant at the time of the birth. And this – coupled with her life-or-death struggle with Emma in a burning barn – has left her in an emotionally fragile state.

Now, the upcoming drama will see Faith trying to allay nurse’s fears after finding out what Moira has done. But might social services be about to get involved?

“It could be a good thing if they did,” adds the Emmerdale star. “Moira could then get the help she needs. At the moment, she’s at breaking point because the baby is driving her insane.”


There is one thing about which Moira is sure, though, and that’s her insistence that Cain – the father of baby Isaac – shouldn’t be getting involved:

“Moira has pushed Cain away quite a lot. She knows he’s with Harriet and that she’s in love with Cain. Moira has pushed him away for a reason. She doesn’t want to deal with anything could hurt her again.

“The fact that they have a baby changes nothing as far as she’s concerned. Plus she doesn’t take kindly to the fact that Harriet is interfering and trying to get Cain to help. Moira wants to deal with it on her own.”


So, does all this mean that there’s really no future for Moira and Cain? “Absolutely not,” adds Robb.

Sorry about that, #Coira fans…

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