Home and Away: Ash and Tori finally get together

After numerous false starts the couple decide to take the plunge


Home and Away fans hoping Ash Ashford and Tori Morgan get it together will be rejoicing when the pair finally become a couple in upcoming episodes – but the build-up to their romantic union is not without trauma.


Following weeks of ‘will they?/won’t they?’ shenanigans, Ash is still trying to convince Tori they should upgrade from friends to lovers – but after so many false starts Ms Morgan is having none of it. With both attempting to move on by seeing other people, it’s awkward when they turn up at Salt with their respective dates.


But Tori can barely conceal her jealousy as she sees Ash with another woman, and when the feuding friends run into each other at the bar a row ensues causing Tori to storm out. Back in the restaurant, their dates get bored of waiting and hilarious end up hitting it off, so Ash seizes the moment and leans in to kiss Tori – but she walks away, leaving the smitten surfer dude deflated.


The next day, Tori vents to brother Mason about Ash, but as she talks the penny eventually drops as she admits to herself she does have feelings for him, she’s just too scared to take the plunge – but is it too late to tell him? Elsewhere, Ash sees Hunter King at the beach and grumpily declares he’s given up on Tori having taken one rejection too many.

When Hunter sees Tori and tells her, the miffed medic runs to the beach to find her man. As Ash emerges from the surf, Tori apologises for being so flaky and confesses how she really feels – grabbing her for a snog, the couple finally make it official.


Having only recently broken up with ex Kat Chapman, is it too soon for Ash to start another romance? Or could Summer Bay’s newest love affair go the distance?


Home and Away airs these scenes on Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 October on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.