Hollyoaks: Warren holds pregnant Sienna hostage – are her babies in danger?

He's planning to run off with the twins the minute they're born…


Hollyoaks’ Warren Fox has kidnapped Sienna Blake and trapped her in a remote country cottage – and plans to keep his heavily pregnant ex there until she gives birth so he can run away with their twins.


The shock twist came at the end of tonight’s E4 episode when Grace Black and Glenn Donovan feared for Sienna’s welfare after helping her escape the fuming Mr Fox earlier this week and sneaking her to a safe house.

Ms Blake was desperate to get her unborn bumps away from wily Warren once she learnt he’d cheated on her with Grace, and the betrayed Ms Black swiftly switched sides as both women realised they were victims of Foxy’s philandering and would make an unfit father.

But when Warren realised Grace and her sly stepdad had assisted Sienna’s getaway, he broke into Glenn’s van and stole his sat nav with the address of where the mum-to-be was hiding.


Worried when she visited the safe house with Glenn and found it eerily empty, Grace breathed a sigh of relief when she got a call from Sienna assuring her she and the babies were fine and that she was going to lay low for a while… except it was all a lie, as viewers then saw scared Sienna on the other end of the phone after ending the call with Warren, who had tracked her down and moved her to a remote cottage.

Revealing he planned to keep her there until the twins are born so he can take them for himself, Sienna realised she was truly trapped as the camera panned up from the window to reveal her prison was literally in the middle of nowhere.


Will she find a way to escape? Is Warren really going to play midwife and deliver the babies himself? Could that put them, and Sienna, in danger? Can Sienna get word to Grace and Glenn to come and rescue her? And can Sienna stand giving birth locked up by a possessive nutter for a second time, seeing as she had daughter Nico while trapped in a basement throughout the pregnancy by her dead dad Patrick?!


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.