EastEnders: is Dot really leaving Walford?

The Albert Square icon is heading for the Mumbles

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Is EastEnders about to lose one of its longest-standing characters? It’s the question fans of the BBC1 soap will no doubt be asking themselves this evening after Dot Branning (June Brown) decide to spend some time away from Walford – and wouldn’t specify when she’d be returning.


Scenes just shown saw Dot explain to Robbie that she’d be going to stay with granddaughter Dotty’s family in the Mumbles in order to recuperate after fracturing her femur.

It seems that recent troubles in the Square (Steven’s death, Lauren’s heartbreak, Sonia and Bex’s love life) have also proven to be too much for poor Dot – who admitted that she needed a dose of sea air in her life.

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The trouble is that Dot was unusually evasive when it came to answering Robbie’s questions about the length of her break – all of which left her grandson in a state of near-panic about her future.

But EastEnders devotees – and Robbie – needn’t be concerned. Despite it appearing as though Dot is about to exit, it seems as though she’ll be returning in the near future.

“Dot returns very soon,” a show insider told RadioTimes.com tonight. “June Brown is back in no time at all.”

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