EastEnders: Stacey and her baby fight to survive, reveals Lacey Turner

The Fowlers face a fresh crisis next week


Pregnant Stacey will be rushed to hospital in next week’s EastEnders for an emergency C-section after she suffers a shock seizure.


Husband Martin will be overwhelmed to learn that he has a daughter, but that Stacey is in a critical condition. Then comes word that there are complications with the baby…

Thankfully, Stacey won’t be in danger for long, but with the health of her newborn in question, it seems that the Fowlers current run of terrible luck isn’t over yet. Can they stay strong in the face of this latest crisis? And why is Max proving to be an unexpected source of support? Here, actress Lacey Turner reveals all…

How much do you think recent events contribute to Stacey’s seizure?
It’s a combination of things that have contributed to what happens.  She’s definitely been doing too much and she’s been under so much pressure – she’s got two little kids, she’s heavily pregnant, Martin’s been in prison and now all of this with Carmel has sent her blood pressure sky high.  This is what’s caused the pre-eclampsia and brought on a seizure.  It was a big shock as there was no warning, so it came out of nowhere and was frightening for everyone.

How serious is Stacey’s condition and what will this mean for the baby?
It’s really serious and both her and the baby’s lives are at risk. Once she comes round in hospital, it’s made clear to her and Martin that it was important for the baby to be delivered as soon as possible for both of their sakes.

On hearing worrying news about the baby, how does Stacey cope at this tense time?
To be honest, she’s just so exhausted and hazy from the seizure that she’s only really hearing snippets of what the doctor and Martin are talking about.  Her biggest fear is that the baby won’t survive and I think she’d rather that the baby survived instead of her if it came to it, so she goes into a major panic.


Why do you think that Stacey can be open with Max but initially pushes Martin away?
Stacey feels a certain guilt towards Martin.  All he wanted was a baby of their own and that’s what she desperately wanted to give him – but feels that she can’t even do that properly.  Fear is another reason that she doesn’t open up to him and she’s scared to get close to the baby in case they aren’t able to take her home. For her it’s really easy to talk to Max – they have this weird friendship that means they can confide in each other.  

Martin and Stacey seem to come out of a crisis stronger, what is the secret of their stable relationship?
Martin has been the only person who continues to make Stacey smile and laugh. They’re a real team and no matter what happens they always seem to come out the other end stronger than ever.  She puts her trust in Martin to make everything better.  They muddle through and if Martin says that they’re going to be alright, she trusts that they will be. 

How does Stacey forgive Carmel and move on from her deception?
In an ideal world, Stacey would send Carmel packing, but Stacey knows that she’s never going to get rid of Carmel and that she’ll always be a part of her life because of Arthur. After a while, Stacey lets it go because she can’t change anything.  Years ago, she would have just slapped her!  Stacey knows deep down that Carmel meant well, but it’s hard for her to admit that. When you’ve got that much going on, you’d probably do anything for an easy life.


How has your experience of filming this storyline?
It felt like a really busy few weeks! It’s definitely good yet again for EastEnders to shine a spotlight on mental health problems. It seems like a lot happens in a short space of time – how much could happen to one person in two weeks?!  But I guess this is Stacey we’re talking about so anything can happen! It was a tough schedule but sometimes it’s good when it’s mainly you and just one other person to really stay in the moment for the storyline.

How is it working with a newborn baby?
A newborn is the easiest age as they don’t do anything – they just eat and sleep! The child who plays Arthur is gorgeous, he loves coming here. I can’t say that he’s even noticed we have a new baby on set.

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