Emmerdale: Emma admits to killing James – but will Finn tell his brothers?

Are Pete and Ross set to discover the truth about their mum's deadly actions?

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Deranged Emma Barton has admitted to son Finn that she killed his father James. Tonight’s episode of Emmerdale saw Emma finally confess after Finn confronted her with evidence of her crimes. But fans have been left hanging as to whether a distressed Finn will now be able to reveal the truth to brothers Pete and Ross.


The confrontation came after Gabby projected the incriminatory video of Emma bullying an ailing Ashley onto a wall in the village church. A fight with Gabby then saw Emma knocked into the river after hitting her head during a fall. Luckily, Finn was on hand to drag his mum to safety, but in the aftermath of the rescue, he wasted no time in having it out with his mum about the shock footage that he’d now witnessed.

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In the end, Emma could no longer deny that she’d lied to Finn about her involvement in James’s death, finally revealing that he’d toppled from a road bridge as a result of her pushing him.

But when Finn told his mother that Ross and Pete would have to know what had happened, Emma dismissed the idea as foolish, questioning the need to tell the truth.

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Viewers will now have to wait until Monday to discover Finn’s course of action, although Emma appears increasingly to be losing her grip on reality, having believed she’s now seen her late husband James. Plus: we don’t even know Finn’s current whereabouts. Just what has Emma done to him?

Next week’s episodes will see the tension rise again as Emma confronts Moira about her feelings for James, a showdown that results in a barn fire that puts the lives of both women at risk…

Says actress Gillian Kearney: “Emma seeks Moira out to make her answer for what she’s done. She blames Moira for having an affair with James in the first place and making Emma lose her temper to the point where she pushed him off a bridge!

“She believed James loved Moira more than Emma, and is terribly bitter about it. Emma thinks if Moira had left her family alone they could’ve been happy, but the tragedy is James did love Emma – it was her insecurity and jealousy that convinced her he preferred Moira.

“Emma tells Moira that she killed James, but that she’s got to share the blame as Emma holds her partly responsible for pushing her into it!”

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