EastEnders: Bex kisses Shakil – but there’s a twist to the story

Are the pair set to reunite? Read on to find out more


Bex will lock lips again with Shakil on EastEnders next week – but is there an ulterior reason for the impromptu snog?


Well, as it turns out, Bex is motivated more by jealousy than passion after she discovers that Sonia is meeting Gethin at the cafe.

When a final attempt to reach out to her former teacher fails, Bex comes up with a plan and goes to the cafe with Shakil in an attempt to make Gethin jealous.


But when her efforts are ignored yet again, Bex ends up kissing a stunned Shakil (the second time in a week that he’s been stunned by a surprise kiss, by the way. See Bernadette Taylor for further details).

However, expect disappointment and devastation for Bex when, later on, she catches her mum puckering up with Mr Pryce!


In the end, it’s Michelle who points out to Sonia that Bex might well have a crush on Gethin.

But what reaction will the man himself get when he confronts Bex, apologises for her behaviour and begs her to let the matter lie, fearing that he could lose his job or go to prison if she doesn’t.

But does Bex want to back down?


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