Coronation Street: Mel kills Bethany to save Nathan from prison?

Mel goes to drastic lengths to stop Bethany testifying next week


Coronation Street’s Bethany Platt prepares to give evidence in Nathan Curtis’s court case next week – but Nathan’s former victim Mel Maguire is secretly working for the gruesome groomer and is desperate to stop Bethany testifying. Could Bethany end perishing before she gets to court?


Since reappearing in Bethany’s life, Mel has tried to persuade the petrified Ms Platt against giving evidence, implying it’s a waste of time, but Nathan is still secretly manipulating her from inside his cell.

Using a sneaky burner phone, the creepy Curtis has kept tabs on Mel and used her to deal with Bethany, believing his case will collapse without her testimony and he’ll be found not guilty.

But as the trial kicks off, Mel gets another call from master manipulator Nathan promising her they will be together when the case is over and pleading with her to keep Bethany away from the court room – by any means necessary.


Lying that she’s decided to go to the police, Mel asks Bethany to accompany her as she drives to the station – but it’s all a trap, and when Mel parks up by a deserted railway line she grabs the terrified teen by the hair and drags her towards the tracks.

Later, trainee copper Craig Tinker is called out to a fatality at the railway line and finds a necklace identity to the one Bethany wears…

Does Mel murder Bethany? Or will she manage to get away and give evidence against Nathan and bring him to justice? And if she doesn’t, will Nathan be set free?


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