Emmerdale: Robert finds a new way to silence Lachlan next week

The fighting at Home Farm intensifies - is Lucky in danger?


Robert Sugden’s scheme to wipe out the White family continues next week in Emmerdale when he finds a new way to shut down suspicious Lachlan – with help coming from a surprising source…


Lucky is convinced Robert is up to something rotten and believes there’s a sinister agenda behind his presence at Home Farm to assist in running the family business and prepare for the birth of his and Rebecca’s baby. Particularly curious that his ex-stepdad could have some dirt on Lawrence, Lachlan questions his grandfather who is shaken by his intuition and orders Robert to keep his distance.

Agreeing for now, Rob realises he has to find another way to maintain his influence at Home Farm – and that loose cannon Lucky is proving to be a problem in his plan’s progression.


Gormless Gerry Roberts offers to help pal Lachlan find out what’s really going on with the sneaky Sugden, but asks for cash in return for keeping keep quiet about the White teen’s own dark secrets. When cocky Lachlan refuses to be blackmailed, Gerry threatens to tell his friend’s squeeze Belle Dingle about his liaison with a prostitute – unaware that Robert is spying on their hushed exchange with a hidden camera!

Armed with info to use against Lachlan, Robert ropes in Gerry and forces him to do his dirty work, making him spy on Lucky and Belle for him.

As the power play shifts up at Home Farm, who will get the upper hand?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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