Neighbours: Toadie’s therapist is Sonya’s ex-boyfriend!

The Rebecchis' future is threatened by the presence of Sonya's old flame


Neighbours’ Sonya Rebecchi gets a blast from the past next week when she glimpses an old boyfriend hanging around Erinsborough – unaware he is actually her estranged husband Toadie’s therapist. Could this lead to a potential conflict of interest as the couple try to save their marriage?


Toadie is pleased with his progress under new therapist Sam, and opens up to him about how the guilt he still feels around Dee’s death that led him to cheat with his dead wife’s doppelgänger Andrea Somers earlier in the year – wrecking his relationship with Sonya, who relapsed back into alcohol and gambling addiction.


But when Sam visits the plant nursery and strikes up a conversation with Sheila, Sonya is stunned to see this familiar face from afar. Back at home she pulls out some old photos of her Sam when they were younger, and it appears the couple were pretty close.


Confessing to pal Steph Scully that Sam was her ex and she’s always thought of him as ‘the one that got away’, nostalgic Son has no idea this same guy is counselling Toadie. Not only that, but Sam is recommending to his patient that he sorts his issues surrounding wanting more kids and Dee’s death before he focuses on reconciling with his wife.

Taking his doc’s advice on board, Toadie tells Sonya he thinks they should take it slow – leaving Mrs R upset that he’s gone cold, and that perhaps her earlier resistance at taking him back has driven him away for good…


But can Toadie really stay away from his true love? How long before Sonya realises who Sam is? And if there’s unfinished business between the former lovers, what does this mean for Toadie and Sonya in the long term?


Neighbours airs these scenes on Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 September on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.