Hollyoaks killer twist: Harry DIDN’T kill Amy – so who did?

Shock new flashback hints that Harry wasn't responsible for the crime


As if the conclusion to Hollyoaks’ trial week wasn’t dramatic enough with Ste Hay being found innocent of killing Amy Barnes then being shot by her grieving mother Kathy, there was yet another twist at the end of tonight’s E4 episode that suggested Harry Thompson might not have killed Amy after all.


A further flashback to the night in question showed a previously unseen moment in tragic Amy’s final hours that revealed she actually woke up after Harry accidentally pushed her to the floor, briefly knocking her unconscious.


Viewers now know Harry left her for dead and blamed himself when he heard she’d later died, but the flashback showed her waking up once he’d gone. Reaching for her phone, groggy Amy noticed a voicemail and attempted to ring 999 – then a shadowy figure appeared at the door and entered her home.


Turning to see this mystery visitor, Amy looked terrified… did someone else come to the flat and finish her off? Was it Harry who actually returned to the scene of the crime and ended up properly doing her in? Or was someone else responsible?


The flashback casts doubt on Harry being the murderer and possibly over the cause of the death itself – how did Amy really meet her maker?

Hollyoaks are remaining tight-lipped on whether this means their big murder mystery storyline is still to be solved, but it may give Ste and Harry fans hope as Mr Hay dumped his boyfriend as he recovered from the shooting in hospital, unable to deal with the fact he murdered the mother of his children.

Perhaps it will turn out Harry didn’t do it and him and Ste will live happily ever after? Or perhaps not…


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.