EastEnders: who was in the ambulance crash? Johnny, Abi or Steven?

Mystery surrounds who was in the smash-up


EastEnders sprung a surprise on viewers tonight thanks to an ambulance crash that has potentially put the lives of SIX characters at risk.


Following a fire at Beales’ restaurant and a shooting on the Square, Steven Beale, Johnny Carter and Abi Branning were all stretchered off by paramedics.

But the BBC1 soap hasn’t yet revealed who was involved in the dramatic smash-up that saw a tanker hit the ambulance and flip it onto its side.


Scenes just shown saw Linda Carter go to son Johnny’s aid after he took a bullet, while Lauren travelled alongside sister Abi after inhaled smoke in the nearby blaze. Ian, meanwhile, has accompanied fire-starter Steven on his trip to the hospital.

Viewers will now have to wait until tomorrow’s episode at 8.00pm on BBC1 to discover who has been affected, although recent paparazzi photos showing the Carters in crisis at the scene of a roadside accident point to it being Johnny and Linda who are in fresh trouble.

EastEnders has already revealed that at least one character will not survive its week of high-profile episodes, but there’s no saying that it’ll be someone currently en route to A&E who’ll meet their maker.

After all, Jane Beale has just been left to die by a vengeful Max Branning, who abandoned her in the blaze at Beales. Might she end up being a fatality this Friday?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below


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