Emmerdale: David and Tracy to split up? Matthew Wolfenden interview

David jeopardises his marriage after aiding an upset Leyla


David’s marriage to Tracy will be thrown into crisis on Emmerdale next week after he comes to the rescue of former flame Leyla.


Tracy’s birthday will be ruined when she discovers that David has leant financial support to a drunken and sorrowful Leyla, who is without the funds to pay for her ruined wedding dress.

Pained to see her at rock bottom, David offers up the cash, a move that doesn’t go down well with Tracy, who had earmarked the money for a holiday.


Explains actor Matthew Wolfenden: “Poor Leyla – she’s in a mess. She’s wallowing in her own pity.  She’s really upset, so David ignores all Tracy’s calls and focuses on Leyla’s problem.  He hears all about her terrible money worries and before he knows what he’s done he’s given her all the holiday money.

“I think he just realises she needs it more than they do. Well that’s what he thought at the time, but I don’t think Tracy sees it like that.”

A naive David had been hoping that his wife would understand his actions, but there’s no denying that Tracy is left gutted at seeing the cash go elsewhere. Especially after David announces what he’s done in full view of the birthday revellers:

“David clumsily breaks the news he’s given Leyla the money in front of everyone, so poor Tracy is really upset but has to try and look OK about it. But she walks out.. So he quickly realises he’s messed up!

“David then tries to reassure her there is no reason to be jealous. Butt Tracy explains it’s not about jealousy, it’s about feeling second best.  She should have been consulted – they are meant to be a team.”


As the pair’s relationship descends into acrimony, it looks as though this could be it for the two of them. Can David possibly find a way to win Tracy round?

“David is really worried,” admits Wolfenden, “especially when he realises that Tracy’s slept on the sofa.  So he then comes up with a plan to win her round again by setting up a dream day!  I don’t want to give too much away but he puts on a really romantic day.”

But will David ‘s prove to be enough? Or are he and Tracy destined to split for good?

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