EastEnders: affair teased for Mick Carter and Fi Browning

They almost kissed as Fi opened up about her tragic past - could he cheat again?


Just when it seemed Mick Carter had atoned for his dalliance with daughter-in-law Whitney, tonight’s EastEnders had him almost locking lips with another lady who isn’t his beloved wife Linda – although to be fair, this was very much one-sided as Fi Browning surprised her client by leaning in for a kiss.


Icy businesswoman Fi, employed by Grafton Hill who bought the leasehold of the Queen Vic back in April when the Carters were forced to sell it to get them out of a financial hole, had a heart-to-heart with the pub landlord and opened up about her tragic past on the anniversary of her mother’s death.

Recalling how, at the age of just 17, she came home one day to discover her mum had committed suicide, sympathetic Mick offered a shoulder to cry on as Fi’s snooty exterior came crashing down.


But flirty Fi misread the signals and went in for a kiss, leading to an awkward moment between her and Mick. Wary of the perils of kissing another woman after the whole Whitney situation, Mr Carter politely knocked her back and put her moment of madness down to it being an emotional day.

However, with EastEnders continuing with their controversial move to test the Carter marriage – despite fans’ pleas to keep them together – could Linda’s struggle to forgive her hubby’s head being turned drive him into fragrant Fi’s arms? It would certainly be ironic if L pushed Mick into full-on cheating if she fails get past his kiss with Whit.


More was revealed about the enigmatic Fi in tonight’s instalment – as well revealing her attraction to Mick, she also made a secret phone call to Weyland company boss Josh Hemmings, revealing a hitherto-known link between the pair.

Making a pass at Mick, a tragic past, secret connections to other characters… what else has Fi got up her sleeve, we wonder?

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