Emmerdale: Daz’s dangerous secret is revealed

Will Dan discover what his brother is hiding?


The ice looks set to thaw between the Spencer siblings in next week’s episodes of Emmerdale – but a forgiving Dan is ignorant of the dangerous secret his brother Daz is hiding.


After listening to Kerry’s pleas that Daz is a changed man, a conciliatory Dan decides to let him sleep in Hettie the camper van.

Daz and Dan will then be seen reminiscing in an attempt to put past grievances behind them, but – later on – fans will see a side to the village returnee that they might not be expecting.


While alone, Daz unwraps an old army knife – a development that will surely leave viewers guessing as to why it’s in his possession. Does Daz fear for his safety? Or is he carrying a knife for a specific purpose?

Whatever the reason, the fact that he has it all might not remain a secret for long. Pretty soon, young Amelia finds the knife under Daz’s pillow. But will she tell Dan and Kerry about its existence?


Speaking recently about the drama surrounding Daz’s reappearance, show boss Iain MacLeod explained:

“The whole point really for Dan is: can he trust his brother after what he put them all through? We’ll be inviting the audience to ask the same question of him.

“Certainly when he first comes back, by all accounts he’s genuine and the experiences he relays are genuine, but there are things along the way that will make you question that.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below


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