Hollyoaks: Mandy and Tony reunite as her life with Luke falls apart

Will Mandy lose her daughter because of Luke's drinking?


Hollyoaks’ Mandy Richardson shares her first scenes with former husband Tony Hutchinson for the first time since the character returned to the show last month – and he’s shocked at how bad life has treated his ex since he last saw her.


In this Friday’s E4 episode, Tony is surprised to see an upset Mandy in the village. After finding out she’s hooked up with another of her exes, Luke Morgan, and that his drink problem has led to social services snooping around and threatening to take her daughter Ella into care, Tone vows to help her out.


An emotional showdown at Mandy’s flat on Monday sees a social worker paying a visit to see if Mandy and Luke are providing a safe and suitable home for little Ella – but Luke’s antics as he struggles with alcohol addiction don’t exactly impress the authorities.


With Tony’s support, Mandy throws Mr Morgan out and manages to convince the social worker that with her fella out of the picture, she can provide a stable place for her daughter. But will it be enough to convince them, or is Mandy about to face every parents’ worst nightmare and lose her child?


On Tuesday, Mandy reels from the previous day’s events and Tony takes her back to Hollyoaks where he tries to persuade her she’s better off without Luke in her life.


But with both of them battling their own demons, is it really that simple? Can Mandy turn her back on him – and if she doesn’t, will her relationship with Ella be ruined forever? And what other unfinished business does Mandy have in the village?


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.