Neighbours: Amy Williams kills dodgy doctor Nick Petrides?

Events take a violent turn next week when she tries to expose his secret agenda


Amy Williams attempts to discover what disgraced doctor Nick Petrides is hiding in Neighbours next week, but ends up in danger when the menacing medic gets violent. Forced to defend herself, Amy knocks him out cold during a heated confrontation – has she accidentally killed him? 


Despite the fact his groundbreaking immunotherapy treatment is giving his sister Terese Willis a fighting chance against her cancer diagnosis, many Erinsborough residents are still suspicious of Nick’s true motives. Knowing he would be released from prison if he helped Terese, is there more to his grand gesture than pure altruism?

Having overheard Nick making a suspicious phone call, Terese’s fiance Gary Canning confides his concerns in Amy who then lures Dr Petrides to the penthouse for a drink, hoping to distract him long enough to rifle through his secret folder.

Managing to swipe it from his briefcase while his back is turned, nasty Nick cottons on what Amy is up to and demands she give the folder back. Refusing until he reveals what’s in it and exactly what it is he’s hiding, things take a frightening turn and Nick lashes out at Amy…

Panicking, she grabs a vase and smashes it over his head, knocking naughty Nick out cold…

Agitated Amy is shaken by the showdown and fears she’s seriously hurt Terese’s brother. But when she discovers that Nick’s big secret is that he’s planning to open a wellness centre now he’s out of prison, Ms Williams is stunned – is this really what Nick’s been hiding? Can he be trusted? And is he even still alive?!

Neighbours airs these scenes on Monday 21 And Tuesday 22 August on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.