Home and Away: Hunter faces jail as his past catches up with him

Irene reels as she realises what the teen has been hiding


Home and Away teen Hunter King is in big trouble next week when he’s questioned by the cops about a robbery at the diner.


Attempting to reconnect with his grandmother Peggy in search for his biological father, Hunter’s family reunion goes awry when poison Peg reports the lad to the cops for committing a crime his late mother Charlotte told Peggy about while she was still alive (and that she covered up) – robbing the diner.

Having kept quiet about his illegal activity, but with girlfriend Olivia Fraser Richards also having been in the know for a while, hunky Hunter has his work cut out to convince the locals he’s a changed man since he came to the Bay as a hot-headed bad boy, with Irene Roberts coming down especially tough on the teenager for involving Olivia. 

As the couple anxiously await to find out if charges will be pressed, they find themselves at odds with Hunter blaming Olivia’s interference in the fractious relationship between him and Peggy for opening this whole can of worms in the first place.

Luckily, they’re both in the clear with the police as Irene agrees not to take it further, but not everyone is prepared to forgive and forget – especially as the robbery resulted in Marilyn Chamber getting electrocuted.

Can pal VJ Patterson help Hunter and Olivia resolve their differences? And has the King kid jeopardised any chance to get his gran to help him find his real father?

Home and Away airs these scenes on Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 August on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.