Hollyoaks: does Dirk kill stalker Armstrong?

The corrupt cop goes missing, and Dirk is looking guilty...


Disgraced DS Armstrong disappears next week in Hollyoaks, and suspicion is rife as to what’s happened to the creepy stalker. Has gentle giant Dirk Savage really done away with him as revenge for what he put fiancee Cindy Cunningham through? 


When Cindy discovers Gavin Armstrong is planning to move next door, she’s gripped by panic at the thought of her stalker being in such close proximity. Having managed to escape punishment for his campaign of terror against Cind, Armstrong continues to mess with his victim’s mind. 


In Friday’s E4 episode, Dirk is raging at Armstrong’s arrogance and Holly talks her stepdad down from doing something he could regret – or does she? Later on, Dirk has been absent from the village and lies to Holly about where he’s been, as he dumps Armstrong’s police badge in the bin…

Monday’s E4 showing reveals Holly and Cindy starting to suspect Dirk has murdered Armstrong when they find the discarded badge, and realise that Armstrong himself has gone missing. 

But is there more going on than the Cunningham girls are aware of? Has Dirk really got it in him to commit murder? Or is this another of Armstrong’s sick games? 

Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.