Home and Away: Ash splits with Kat, but is there new love ahead with Tori?

Baby Luc drives one couple apart as she brings another unexpectedly together...


Doomed Home and Away couple Ash Ashford and Kat Chapman finally call time on their relationship in the coming weeks, but Tori Morgan is waiting in the wings to mend Ash’s broken heart…


As Ash pushes for him and Kat to adopt niece Luc to stop the baby’s dad, rapist Mick Jennings, from ever having access to his daughter, copper Kat is still struggling with the idea of being forced into motherhood – but doesn’t know how to break it to her boyfriend.

Eventually plucking up the courage to admit to Ash she’s not ready to be a parent, and doesn’t know that she ever will be, the blonde buff man-bun-sporting beach bum is shocked and fears this signals the end of their relationship.

Even asking for some more time to get used to the idea isn’t enough to placate Ash, as he points out to his police lover she’s already had plenty of time and it’s clear there’s a choice to be made about their future. Not prepared to give up Luc, and not wanting Kat to resent the tot, Ash finally ends the romance and Ms Chapman packs her bags and moves out…

But there’s no hard feelings and even a possibility of new love for Ash, as he visits the Morgan house looking for Justin and confides in Tori about the break-up. When Luc gets grisly, Ash can’t help but notice how good the pretty doctor is with the kid – and Justin can’t help but clock the attraction his sister clearly feels towards Ash…

Tori can barely conceal her embarrassment, and it’s clear Justin has hit the nail on the head.

Does this mean Ash and Tori could become a couple? Will Tori want to play mum to Luc and adopt her with Ash? And will Kat feel if Ash moves on so soon with one of her mates?

Home and Away airs these episodes on Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 August on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.