Coronation Street: Summer to move in with Billy and Todd?

The youngster is caught between two homes in next week's episodes of the ITV soap


Will Todd and Billy finally get to be parents to Summer? It’s the question being raised in next week’s Coronation Street when the bereaved youngster gets to choose who she wants as her guardians.


Corrie fans have already seen Summer’s grandparents block any attempts by Billy and Todd to have a say in the matter. But all that could change after Summer makes another visit to the Street in scenes to be shown on Monday 24 July.

Summer will be seen calling round at the solicitor’s office for a meeting with Todd. But as Todd quizzes Summer about her living arrangements, they’re surprised by the arrival of Billy. Pretty soon, Todd has admitted to Summer that she doesn’t have a case and that he only went along with it as he wanted to keep tabs on her.

But as Billy suggests that he’ll call her grandparents, Summer begs him not to before going on to explain how strict they are.

Concerned about Summer’s set-up, Billy and Todd end up paying a visit to Drew’s parents and begging them to do what’s best for her. Geraldine then makes some homophobic and spiteful remarks, but is left furious when husband Angus produces a legal document stating that Drew intended for Billy to have guardianship of Summer.

Angus then tells Summer that she must choose between them – but where will she decide that she wants to live?

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