Game of Thrones season 7 premiere crashes HBO website

The servers were no match for GOT fans


Sunday night/Monday morning’s season 7 Game of Thrones premiere was so overwhelmingly popular that the HBO website and streaming service HBO Now crumpled under the pressure, meaning that many users looking to stream the episode online were left frustrated.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, many fans who went to the site during the first half of the episode were met with an error message, and other users on HBO Now were unable to load the episode, which became officially available on the service at the same time as it premiered. Many took to Twitter to share their dissatisfaction:

The site was reportedly back in action for the latter half of the episode.

It wasn’t the first time the HBO servers have floundered at the overwhelming traffic from GOT fans. HBO Now saw similar faults during last year’s Battle of the Bastards episode, while its other streaming app HBO Go crashed during the 2014 season premiere.

After a delayed start, this season was perhaps the most hotly anticipated yet as fans begin to look to the show’s end next series, though they may have another long wait before they see it


Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres exclusively on 17th July on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV at 9pm