Coronation Street: Adam knows Eva isn’t pregnant – here’s what happens next

The pair will join forces to fleece Aidan


Canny Adam Barlow has worked out that Eva Price isn’t actually pregnant. Tonight’s episodes of Coronation Street saw Adam cotton on to Eva’s baby ruse after calling round to her flat and noticing that she and sister Leanne had been sharing a bottle of wine.


Texting Eva to meet him in the ginnel behind the Rovers, Adam then put it to Eva that she isn’t expecting Aidan’s baby and that he’d blow her secret should she decide not to join forces with him. Adam is, of course, currently blackmailing Aidan after taking an illicit photo of him and Maria kissing, but now – with Eva’s help – plans to take the factory boss for everything he owns.


Wednesday’s visit to the Street will now see Adam instruct Eva to borrow Aidan’s paperwork regarding their flat purchase. On Adam’s advice Eva then suggests to Aidan that, having looked at his accounts, it would be best if the flat were put solely in her name. But the plotting doesn’t end there: having made headway with the flat, Adam suggests to Eva that their next move should be to take the factory away from Aidan.


By the end of this week, Eva will have schemed her way into a new job when she persuades Aidan to give her a role in the Underworld office, so that she can learn the business side of things. Will her proximity to the accounts pay dividends?

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