Neighbours: Steph and Jack kiss next week – will they get together?

Just good friends or Ramsay Street's hottest new romance?


Neighbours is lining up a potential new romance between Steph Scully and Jack Callahan – does this mean it’s really all over for Paige Smith and the former priest? 


Next week, the pals are drawn closer together when Sonya Rebecchi enlists their help in putting together the application for Erinsborough’s entry into the Most Liveable Suburb competition.

Enjoying each other’s company as they work on the submission to big up their neighbourhood, the motel owner and one-time man of the cloth start to realise it’s not just their home town that has hidden attractions…

Celebrating with a drink after completing the entry, Steph and Jack stroll home through the park when the sprinklers suddenly spring into life and soak them. Inevitably, this involves some shedding of wet clothing and saucy Steph finds herself stirred by the sight of Jack’s ripped torso – the charged moment leads to a shock kiss that takes them both by surprise.

The next day the awkward pair are avoiding each other, but curious Jack confides in Leo Tanaka about the secret snog. Leo tells his mate to go for it, he needs to make up for all that lost time while he was a priest (has he forgotten that during his dog collar days Father Jack fathered a child having been tempted by the sins of the flesh by the comely Paige?).

Jack asks Steph out on a proper date to see if there’s a chance of anything deeper between them – but Steph shuts him down, writing off their clinch as a moment of madness not to be repeated.

However, her attempts to stay away from her sexy neighbour so she can banish her impure thoughts are derailed when Sonya begs Steph and Jack to help her with the next stage of the Most Liveable Suburb contest – meaning the twosome will be spending more time together… Can Steph resist Jack?   

Neighbours airs these scenes on Thursday 27 and Friday 28 July on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.