Home and Away: Morgan family in crisis as Brody is found in a drug den

Will it be rehab or prison for the troubled addict?


Missing Brody Morgan is found living in a drug den in upcoming episodes of Home and Away, when his family finally track him down after he fled the cops. But his reappearance threatens to tear the unlucky clan apart…


Worried for their brother’s whereabouts after he took off while trying (and largely failing) to kick his drug habit and stealing from pal Scarlett Snow, Justin and Mason get word from Brody’s dodgy mate Lena their troubled sibling could be living rough in dodgy Mangrove River.

Heading to a far from salubrious address Lena has supplied, the Morgan men spy Brody trying to escape from the window of a drug den so they barge in and have to restrain the intoxicated criminal before dragging him back to Summer Bay.   


At the Morgans’ place, a calmer but still indignant Brody maintains he had no choice but to take Scarlett’s money and refuses to admit he’s done anything wrong. He confesses he’s spent Ms Snow’s cash and insists he won’t be held under house arrest – he’s going back to the drug den in Mangrove River.

Justin lays it on the line, explaining that if Brody doesn’t hand himself over to the police, confess his crimes and agree to rehab then he’ll end up in prison – or dead. 


Jittery Brody thinks he’s being tricked by his family, despite their pleas that they’re trying to do the right thing and save his life, so when the cops knock on the door he tries to bolt again. 

However, he can’t run forever and the boys in blue slap the cuffs on the law-breaking Mr Morgan. Justin then reveals to his irresponsible little bro that he was the one who called the police – it’s for his own good, but will Brody ever forgive him?  


The next day, Brody is charged with theft and must await bail. On Scarlett’s advice, the family decide it’s best if Brody lives with them as it will give him a better chance of making bail if he has a stable place to stay.

Obviously the Morgans are hardly the Waltons by this stage so it’s not exactly happy families, but knowing it’s the right thing to do they agree to stick together and have Brody live at the house while they help him to beat the drugs and straighten himself out – ensuring there’s someone with him at all times…


Having made bail, Brody has his tail between his legs as he faces his family. Learning young Raffy has temporarily moved in with Kat and Ash, Brody lashes out that he’d never put his little half-sister in danger and accuses his clan of overreacting. But can he really blame them after everything he’s done…? 


Tori dishes out some tough love and forces her brother to see the damage he’s done and to stop blaming others for his issues. Broken Brody is shaken by his sister’s tirade and finally apologises to the Morgans, admitting he knows he’s hurt them and is ready to change.

But is he telling the truth? Can the family trust him? And will he end up behind bars?  

Home and Away airs these scenes on Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 July on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.