EastEnders: Steven flips after Lauren’s confession – here’s what happens next

Mr Beale went barmy - but wait until he finds out what Lauren's got planned...


Steven Beale seriously lost the plot in tonight’s EastEnders as he overheard Lauren Branning confess she wanted their relationship to end. And he was not happy…


Having rigged a secret camera to Lauren’s phone charger so he could spy on her at work, paranoid Steven has been eavesdropping on his other half all week – leading to him sleeping with her sister Abi yesterday after his jealousy consumed him. 


But he finally flipped tonight as he listened in on Lauren’s boss Josh Hemmings making his move – but while Ms Branning insisted she would remain faithful to Steven, she confessed their relationship was in trouble and that she wasn’t happy.

Seizing on her doubts, Josh challenged Lauren to deny she had deeper feelings for him and that it was time to dump “the babysitter…”

The Steven Beale of old (the one who kidnapped Ian and held him hostage in a tower block having stalked him pretending to be his dead mum, the one who shot Jane resulting in her having an emergency hysterectomy… yes, that one) then reappeared in a disturbing meltdown in which he trashed the place, throwing furniture around and ranting out loud at Lauren’s betrayal. Oh dear…


Next week, Lauren prepares to end things with Steven and leave Walford with Louie – but will he be able to stop her? Abi also makes another attempt at seducing her sister’s man, but when he rejects her again she plans to cause some trouble of her own. Meanwhile, Josh makes a last-minute attempt at making Lauren realise they should be together.

If tonight’s little outburst is anything to go by, everyone in Albert Square should probably give Steven a wide berth over the next week…     

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.

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