Emmerdale secrets – the truth behind Megan and Charity’s paint fight revealed!

Gaynor Faye confesses it didn't quite go to plan behind the scenes...


Emmerdale’s Charity Dingle got a pasting in tonight’s episode after love rival Megan Macey attacked her with a can of red paint by way of revenge for sleeping with her fella, Frank Clayton.


But Gaynor Faye has revealed the paint pouring scene didn’t quite go to plan – and co-star Emma Atkins ended up covered in fake emulsion not once, but twice…

“We were told we had to do it in one take,” begins the star. “I apologised to Emma in advance and said ‘you know I’m not going to get any enjoyment out of doing this!’ We did it, the paint – which was actually coconut milk and red food colouring – landed on her head and dripped off, but I missed her face.

“They needed the paint to slide down her face as they’d already shot the scene afterwards where Charity is cleaning herself up and has stains on her face – so we had to go again and I had to take aim for the face this time! That’s what happens when you shoot out of sequence…

“A few hours later Emma came back with a clean outfit and hair done again – after discovering red paint in blonde hair doesn’t go down very well – and off we went.”

Thankfully, Charity has been a target for disgruntled villagers numerous times in the past, so Atkins was prepared to take whatever punishment was dished out for her dalliance with another woman’s man. “Emma is such a sport,” laughs Faye. “She’s had so much thrown at her in the past, she said  ‘I’m Charity Dingle, I deserve my comeuppance!’ Good for her for going with it!

“Although I don’t know what it is about me, as I once had to push Sammy Winward’s face in a cake (during the show’s 40th anniversary live episode in 2012) – I think Emmerdale just wants everyone to hate me!”

As to what the future holds for Megan now Frank’s cheating has been exposed, Faye confesses it’s unlikely there’ll be much forgiveness. “It’s the end for them for now, it’s got to be. She can’t let another man betray her then take him back again, she did that with Jai and he cheated with her business partner Leyla – although she seems to have forgiven them… It’s a case of once bitten, twice shy – three times a mug!”

“Megan feels totally betrayed and has so far just targeted Charity for revenge, but Frank is going to get it – he’s going to get it bad…”  

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