Emmerdale Robron crisis: Robert and Aaron to split up? Danny Miller interview

"As Danny, I'd say walk away, but I'm sure the fans won't want to hear that!"


Beloved Emmerdale couple Robert and Aaron are on the rocks in next week’s episodes – and, if actor Danny Miller had his way, the pair would split up.


“In some senses, they’re bad for each other,” says the star. “If Robert had had a one-night stand it would have been so much easier. But it’s the fact that it’s Rebecca who he chose to confide in and have sex with. As Danny, I’d say walk away, but I’m sure the fans won’t want to hear that!”

Miller is, of course, referring to Robert’s latest dalliance with Rebecca that has left her expecting his child. It’s a state of affairs that looks set to drive Aaron to drugs and then self-harming in distressing upcoming scenes.


The catalyst for Aaron’s descent proves to be an appointment for a baby scan that Robert and Rebecca attend together. Knowing that Rebecca will be an eternal thorn in his side, Aaron ends up putting in a call to his former fellow prisoner Ethan in a bid to get hold of some Spice to smoke.

But the drugs deal looks set to turn a bit sour thanks to the resurfacing of Aaron’s nemesis: “Yes, in typical soap fashion, there’s a twist and Ethan ends up bringing Jason with him. He’s the one who punched Aaron all around the prison and got him addicted to Spice in the first place.

“Jason sees this as an opportunity to further his intimidation of Aaron. Is Aaron going to get battered in his own home? It’s a scary situation.”


Fans will see a fight ensue between the two adversaries and while the soap isn’t yet revealing who gets the upper hand in the scrap, Aaron will be left with a supply of Spice to use. But at the final moment, he decides to bin the bag before taking a knife to his own skin. Just why has he gone from possible drug use to self harm?

Says Miller: “Aaron doesn’t want to live that criminal life, so he gets rid of the Spice and goes back to self-harming because he thinks it’s a better way of dealing with the situation. It’s more secretive and it keeps his self loathing from people. It’s desperately sad, but it’s Aaron’s way of dealing with it. It’s a release for him. And he doesn’t want to go back to the drugs world.”

RadioTimes.com can reveal, though, that Robert will learn all about Aaron’s actions – a discovery that looks set to push #Robron to the brink. So will they be able to work through their troubles or is Aaron going to end their relationship for good?

Adds the actor: “There’s so much for them to overcome. Viewers will certainly be asking themselves: ‘is this the end of Robron?'”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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