Emmerdale: Lawrence White to get shot AGAIN?

Another week, another gun-related showdown...


Is Lawrence White set to take another bullet in next week’s episodes of Emmerdale? Yes, the man who’s looked down the wrong end of a rifle more times than we care to mention is doing it again, thanks to the shock tactics of Chrissie’s biological uncle Tim Richards.


The drama unfolds after a handwritten letter addressed to Chrissie arrives at Home Farm. Fearful of his lies being exposed, Lawrence opens it and sees it’s from Tim.

Deciding to pay Tim a visit, Lawrence is soon turning up at his house, with a thuggish associate in tow. But it doesn’t look as though Tim will be deterred so easily.


Later in the week, a clay-pigeon shooting event looks set to turn potentially deadly when Sam notices that one of the guns is missing.

And it’s not long before Tim is emerging from the shadows to find the aforementioned missing gun pointed directly at him, Tim’s finger on the trigger. So will Lawrence be meeting his maker? And it this how actor John Bowe will be leaving the show?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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