Coronation Street: Nathan is arrested – but will pervert policeman Neil be caught?

Hope for Bethany could come in the form of Craig, who gets suspicious later this week


Evil Nathan has been arrested on suspicion of human trafficking in tonight’s Coronation Street – but co-conspirator Neil currently remains at large.


This evening’s episode of the ITV soap saw Nathan taken away in handcuffs just as he was planning to sell a vulnerable Bethany into sexual slavery overseas.

But when Bethany was later questioned by the police about her grooming at the hands of Nathan, she opted not to tell officers about the part played by police officer Neil, with whom she’d been coerced into sleeping.


Prior to her interview, Neil was seen telling Bethany that harm would come to her family should she decide to reveal the truth.

And as the pervert policeman later watched what was being said on CCTV, Bethany commented that she wouldn’t be able to identify the man in question, saying that he’d identified himself as ‘Paul’ and that the experience had been “vile”.

Wednesday’s cliffhanger then saw an emotionally distraught Bethany refuse to answer any further questions, to the evident relief of Neil, who appears – at this stage – to have got away with his crime.


However, hope could come in the form of Craig, who on Friday will start to wonder whether his superior officer might not be all that he seems. Has Craig got the measure of Neil? And will he be the one to ensure that Bethany gets justice?

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