Emmerdale: Arthur in danger as he threatens to reveal Emma’s dark secret?

"Emma's very troubled by what Arthur says," says Gillian Kearney


Arthur Thomas looks set to dice with danger in next week’s Emmerdale when he confronts twisted Barton matriarch Emma.


The showdown comes after Arthur once again watches the incriminatory video footage of Emma manipulating his late father Ashley in the aftermath of the multi-car pile-up on the Hotton bypass.

Terrified by what he’s witnessed, Arthur then lashes out at Emma, accusing her of making people cry.

“Emma will try hard to talk her way out of it,” says actress Gillian Kearney. “She’s very troubled by what Arthur says and makes a point of trying to explain away what it means. She’s very resourceful and she thinks fast.”


As Emmerdale fans know, it was Emma who caused the calamitous crash after she sent estranged husband James toppling from the road bridge over the bypass.

But when it looked as though a confused Ashley could have witnessed her actions, Emma set about bamboozling him, unaware that her actions had been filmed on video.


Speaking out what Emma feels she must do next, Kearney adds: “She wouldn’t think about hurting Arthur, but she knows that the evidence has to be destroyed. It can’t ever be seen by anyone else in the community. But when Emma watches it back, she is horrified by what she sees.”

And yet despite all that her character has done, Kearney believes that Emma is merely wayward rather than an out-and-out villain: “She’s been mischievous since she started and it’s just got worse and more extreme.

“But I believe that she’s a nice person who’s just lost her way. She does tend to make things worse for herself and she has inadvertently caused all of this. But it’s only because she was trying to make up for lost time and get her husband back.”

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