Coronation Street: Bethany leaves Nathan and begs for help – but what happens next?

Will the vulnerable teen now be saved?


A distraught Bethany Platt has escaped Nathan Curtis’s clutches in tonight’s Coronation Street – but will her cry for help be heard?


Monday’s episodes of the ITV soap saw realisation dawn for Bethany that her so-called boyfriend wasn’t all he seemed after Nathan revealed that he planned to smuggle her out of the country on a fake passport while he lay low in the UK.

Scenes just broadcast found the pair stopping at a service station after fleeing Weatherfield – Nathan assuring Bethany that he loved her despite taking away her phone and crushing the SIM card underfoot.


As Bethany witnessed Nathan getting increasingly desperate, her unease grew to the point where she realised that she couldn’t go through with the plan.

After heading in to ostensibly use the toilet, Bethany ended up spotting a family in the cafeteria and hurried over to join them, tearfully begging them to phone the police.


The emotional moment came just as viewers were starting to worry that pimp Nathan was going to sell Bethany into sex slavery overseas having groomed her over a period of six months.

Viewers will now have to wait until Wednesday to discover Bethany’s fate, although Corrie fans can expect Nathan’s co-conspirator Neil to keep the Platts in the dark as the police start their hunt for Bethany. Will the vulnerable teen be located before it’s too late?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of all this week’s drama on Coronation Street below.

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