Emmerdale: which villager has been stabbed?

Ross and Robert's feud results in bloodshed


A well-known Emmerdale villager is to be left in a critical condition when the escalating feud between Robert and Ross results in horror.


The upcoming drama will see Robert retaliating over Ross’s blackmailing by stealing his taxi and putting it into a crusher.

And it looks like cunning Mr Sugden will get further ammunition over his rival when he rumbles his cannabis scam at Wylie’s and catches Ross and Finn moving bags full of drugs into Emma’s car!

Later in the week, Ross and Finn borrow Emma’s car to go to the cannabis farm, but are oblivious to the drug dealers nearby, who’ve spotted them.

When the vehicle won’t start, Ross fires up Robert’s car instead – but on their arrival at Wylie’s they discover that all the cannabis has vanished.

As it turns out, Robert and Aaron have taken the plants and are busy feeding them into a wood chipper in the middle field.

As Ross heads off to sort the situation out, he leaves Finn behind, little realising that his brother will soon be in the hands of the drug dealers.

The dealers will be seen dragging Finn into their car in order to track down Ross. En route, they pass Emma’s car and – believing Ross is inside – shunt it from behind, causing an accident.

Finn is left helpless as he watches the thugs force the driver out, but a struggle ensues during which the driver is stabbed!

Realising that things are out of hand, the dealers drive away, while Finn rushes to the driver’s side. But who is the injured victim? And what will happen when they’re rushed to hospital?

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