Emmerdale: Priya and Pete to have hot summer affair!

Fiona Wade reveals all about next week's steamy scenes


Priya Sharma will embark on a sizzling summer romance with fellow villager Pete Barton after her relationship with Rakesh Kotecha collapses.


Upcoming scenes will see Rakesh arrested when the truth about the fire at Mill Cottage is finally revealed. And the upset will result in Priya seeking solace in the arms of Pete!

But the fact that Pete is currently seeing Priya’s best mate Leyla Harding is sure to lead to plenty of drama should the wronged woman discover all.

Speaking about the moment that Priya falls for Pete, actress Fiona Wade said: “The whole village are getting at her because they’ve found out now that Rakesh started the fire, so she’s really getting it from all sides and she’s under pressure.

“There’s a moment where she’s feeling really down so she goes to see Leyla for a girly chat and Pete is there, Pete has been having a bit of stress from Leyla and they find themselves in that moment.

“Priya has had enough of everyone thinking that she’s a little princess who has stuck by the wrong guy and so it just happens!”

As to whether it leads to a full-on affair, the Emmerdale star added: “Well, you’ll have to wait and see but it does go on, yes – it doesn’t just stop there at that one night.

“But she does try and make things right. She is aware of Leyla and whats happened, so there is a conscience kicking in. She thinks at that moment it will just be a one off but it is not, it carries on.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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