Home and Away: Brody’s drug habit puts his life in danger

Stealing from his family and beaten by his dealer - how much lower can he sink?


Home and Away’s Brody Morgan slides deeper into drug use in the coming weeks, leading him to steal from his own family and get bashed by his dealer. 


Having convinced big brother Justin he’s clean, young Raffy is still suspicious that Brody is still addicted to illegal substances. And she’s not wrong, Brody meets with his scary dealer Zannis to buy another stash. But as Raffy’s pet mistakenly scoffed the last lot he scored (oops) Zannis won’t hand over any more until Brody coughs up $500 – and he’s got 24 hours to do it. 

Desperate for dosh and drugs, Brody ransacks the house and grabs cash from Tori’s purse and is about to unplug the games console to sell it – but has to think quickly to concoct an excuse when Raffy catches him in the act.

Later breaking into a backpackers’ van at the caravan park, Brody is again almost busted by Leah but manages to escape undetected.

However, he can’t quite raise the full amount Zannis has demanded and when he meets up with him a few dollars short, Brody is bundled into a car with a hood pulled over his head and driven off to his doom…  

The next day, Brody has been dumped on the side of the road having been badly beaten by the dealers. Hobbling home he lies to Mason that his injuries were caused by falling down the stairs at the restaurant, but when Tori tends to him at the hospital she tests him for drugs, fearing it’s actually the wagon he’s fallen off, and not the staircase at Salt.

Miraculously the test comes back negative – because Tori was only testing for cocaine – so Brody is in the clear.

Still needing cash, Brody spins his sister a sob story that his old dealer beat him up as he still owed him money. Feeling guilty for doubting him, Tori is conned into handing over $600 to Brody – which he uses to pay off Zannis and score a new stash of drugs…  

How much longer can Brody hide his addiction secret from the rest of the Morgans? 


Home and Away airs these scenes on Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 June on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.