Coronation Street: Bethany to “save herself” from groomer Nathan, reveals soap boss

"This is a story for feminists - I really want her to take some of that power back"


Coronation Street Kate Oates has assured fans that there is light at the end of the tunnel where Bethany’s grooming storyline is concerned.


“I definitely want to keep Lucy Fallon central to the show as she has shone through this. And Tina O’Brien has just been amazing too. We have some plans. And what is nice about where this storyline goes is that when the scales do fall from Bethany’s eyes, she does realise that all is not right,” said the show boss.

Disturbing scenes shown last night saw a drugged Bethany trapped in a bedroom with three men, who have all paid pimp Nathan to be with her. This evening’s episode will see the Platts race to rescue the vulnerable teen, although Oates insists that the true strength to extricate herself from Nathan’s clutches will come from Bethany herself:

“We’ll see Bethany being active in saving herself. This is a story for feminists – I really want her to take some of that power back.” 

Lucy Fallon revealed, though, that there would be no quick fixes for Bethany once she’s away from Nathan’s influence: “It’ll be a long road to recovery for Bethany. Speaking to various charities, it’s clear that people to whom this has happened haven’t got over it. And, for a while, Bethany will just be really confused. She doesn’t believe that she’s being groomed for quite a long time.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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