EastEnders: Jack to have Charlie killed? Here’s what happens next

Is a hitman set to bump Charlie off?


An increasingly desperate Jack Branning has put a hit out on Charlie Cotton in scenes just broadcast on tonight’s EastEnders.


Jack – who fears he’s set to lose custody of Ronnie’s young son Matthew – was seen making a call to a mysterious contact and asking for someone (presumably Charlie) to be “permanently” disposed of.

The beleaguered Branning brother made the rash move after revealing to Stacey that, should he be charged with ABH, then he stands no chance of retaining residency of Matthew.

Little does Jack know though that Max is scheming to part him from Matthew as he plans revenge on those he feels have wronged him.

Thursday’s episode of EastEnders will see Max work out what Jack is up to and try to reason with him – unaware that Ricky and Amy are listening in. And by the week’s end – with the pressure building – Jack gets a shock from an unexpected arrival.

So will Charlie get a warning that he’s now a marked man? Or will Jack succeed in his conspiracy to commit murder?

You can watch Jake Wood talking about Max’s revenge below. Beneath that, there’s a 60-second rundown of all next week’s drama on EastEnders


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