Emmerdale: Rebecca White leaves the village!

Pregnant Rebecca headed off to Ibiza in scenes just broadcast on the ITV soap


Emmerdale’s Rebecca White has left left the village following a miscarriage scare that threatened the life of her and Robert’s unborn baby.


Scenes just broadcast on the ITV soap saw Rebecca experience stomach pains before being rushed to hospital by Chrissie amid fears that the baby was going to be lost.

Thankfully, all proved to be OK with the pregnancy, although Rebecca opted not to stick around after being discharged.


She instead decided to go ahead with her plan to travel to Ibiza, having bought a one-way ticket in last week’s episodes.

Actress Emily Head made her debut as Rebecca back in October, with Rebecca having made herself unpopular among #Robron fans by getting pregnant after sleeping with Robert.

Whether Robert will get a chance to be a father to his baby remains to be seen, though, what with a teary-eyed Rebecca being cagey about whether she’ll ever return…


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