EastEnders: Madison and Alexandra play mind games with Louise – will she be tricked?

Will Louise's romance with Travis be scuppered?


Why is EastEnders’s Louise Mitchell still continuing to listen to Walford High bullies Madison and Alexandra? She knows exactly what they’re capable of – having witnessed their brutal treatment of Bex Fowler. And yet Louise persists in letting the poisonous pair influence her behaviour.


Upcoming episodes will see Louise and schoolfriend Travis grow closer, only for Madison and Alexandra to try and cast doubts in her mind about his true intentions. Scenes to be shown on Tuesday 6 June see Louise trying to suppress her worries about Travis when he tries to kiss her, but she’ll end up having a last-minute panic and rushing off.


Louise will then spend the rest of the week trying to avoid Travis, but thankfully the pair will reunite on Friday following a heart to heart. Will this be the moment when Louise finally stops listening to what her so-called friends have to say?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below


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