Casualty: 5 summer storylines revealed in new trailer

Find out what's next for Connie, Ethan, Lily, Dylan and Iain


There wasn’t an episode of Casualty on Saturday, but the BBC1 medical drama has still given us a bank holiday treat in the form of its summer trailer. Nearly three minutes of drama is previewed and you can see it in full below. But before you hit play, here are the main talking points:


1. Ethan wants revenge

It looks like Dr Hardy will be demanding the truth from Scott Ellison when the pair come face to face. Will Scott admit to killing Cal? And is Ethan going to put himself in danger?


2. Cal’s funeral

Yes, it’s one of those emotional episodes where the staff says goodbye to one of their own and even Charlie is fighting back the tears. Also, expect to see Lee Mead make a crossover appearance as Lofty in the funeral episode.


3. Dylan is in crisis

The normally imperturbable Dr Keogh appears to be questioning his future as a medic following the death of Cal. Will he quit thanks to a crisis of confidence?


4. Grace and Connie reunited

After months of being given the cold shoulder, Connie gets a much-needed embrace from her daughter Grace. Hopefully, this means they’ll be putting past traumas behind them. And might we also be getting some relationship drama for Connie in the form of passion between her and Sam? And where will this leave Jacob?


5. Iain and Lily’s romance

Paramedic Iain has finally cracked Dr Chao’s icy carapace! It’s so good to see her smile!



You can watch the full trailer below. Casualty returns next Saturday: