Coronation Street: 5 big summer storylines revealed

We have all the gossip on who's big in Weatherfield in the months ahead

138945.d046cce0-bb09-4c1f-80d3-f67f0bf6db24 has just emerged from a big Coronation Street press event where series producer Kate Oates has been spilling the beans on all the Weatherfield drama to come over the coming months. Want to know exactly what’s happening? Then, read on, Corrie fans, for all the gossip from the soap boss herself!


1. Bethany’s nightmare continues

“You’ll see Sarah, David and the Platt family realising what’s been happening and what Bethany has been going through. But the storyline’s not that simple. Bethany has been through a process of brainwashing and just because she’s been pulled out of danger, it doesn’t mean that she can now suddenly see the truth. So there’s still a way to go there.”


2. New Phelan twist

“There’s a big twist to the Phelan story. I love him dearly and can’t stop watching him. We may discover that all is not what it seems with Phelan. We are bringing in Phelan’s daughter, who he didn’t know existed. What she represents is the light to Phelan’s darkness. What we’ll see is Phelan fall in love with the daughter he never knew he had and possibly want to be a better man. And contrary to reports, Seb is not his grandson.”


3. Robert and Michelle’s big test

“We’ve got some great stuff coming up for these two – someone from Robert’s past comes back, which will result in them facing their first problem together. So that’ll be a test of how strong their partnership is. Michelle’s ex-boyfriend Will is also coming back.”


4. Eva’s revenge

“Eva will find out the truth about what’s been going between Maria and Aidan. And how she responds is very Eva the Diva. There’s possibly going to be a long plan of revenge.”


5. Billy and Todd become parents 

“Billy and Todd will be parenting Billy’s goddaughter Summer. Todd being a father should be an interesting sight. We’ve cast the girl playing Summer and she’s amazing. We’re moving towards having this family of the two guys brining up Summer, which will be a very different dynamic. And we’ll learn that Billy’s past isn’t quite as straightforward as Todd thinks. I’m interested in looking at Billy’s life before he became a vicar.”


You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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